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We are experts at designing, programming and implementing applications for small businesses and organizations. If you have new Windows computers but are still running old DOS applications, then you need to talk to us. We can help you take advantage of the full power of your new computers by converting your present application to Microsoft Access, or we can create a brand new Windows based application for you ... at a reasonable price.

Applications we have designed include the following:

Master List Manager

    A Contact List management system which includes correspondence tracking.

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    A Political Cash Flow management database designed to keep track of funds related to political contributions and expenses. It includes extensive reporting capabilities for internal use as well as to satisfy PA state reporting requirements.

Membership Tracking & Event Management Software for local associations.

Boards and Commissions

    A Governor's Office Information Sytem, Boards and Commissions was designed to track board activity, including candidates and nominees in addition to board members. Maintain detailed demographic information on all individuals.
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